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 Essential Life 66-74 Funeral Cover

Naturally you don’t want to burden your family with funeral expenses should you, or one of your loved ones pass away unexpectedly.

Essential Life being committed to catering for all walks of life now offer funeral cover for individuals between the ages of 66 and 74 that would normally be excluded due to age barriers in the industry.

This is total peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and pays out a lump sum of cash to take care of your funeral expenses without having your loved ones sit with the financial burden.

The Essential Life 66 - 74 Funeral Cover was designed to not only take care of funeral expenses, but to bring you fantastic value for money benefits that contributes positively towards you, our client.

Essential Life 66 - 74 Funeral Cover can assist with making the necessary funeral arrangements and taking care of admin associated with arranging funerals.

Whilst this policy option contains plenty of great benefits, we have taken special precautions to keep your premiums low.

Basing your monthly premium on your chosen cover amount provides you with maximum flexibility to suite your
needs and pocket.

Essential Life Family Funeral Cover:

  • Cover for an individual person between 66 and 74 years of age.
  • Cover amounts of R3,000.00, R5,000.00, R15,000.00 or R18,000.00 available.
  • Natural death waiting period: 7 Calendar months.
  • Unnatural death waiting period: Covered from inception once first premium is paid.
  • Pays valid claims within 6 business hours providing all required documents are received.
  • Optional benefit to cover extended family members.

What else do I get?
Emergency Medical Services.

In the event of a medical emergency such as a heart attack, drowning, snakebite, gunshot wound or motor accident injury Essential Life can be contacted, 24 hours a day to arrange emergency medical assistance, anywhere in South Africa, Essential Life will dispatch a road or air ambulance.

Legal Assist.

Legal Assist is a 24-hour telephonic advice line manned by qualified and experienced attorneys who provide guidance and information on all legal matters. A 30 minutes free consultation with a lawyer will be included in this offering.


Funeral Assistance.

In the event of a death in the family, Essential Life will assist the family with the arrangement of the  funeral, assistance with death certificates, trauma counselling, R500 paid towards accommodation  should the family need to identify the deceased.

Repatriation of mortal remains.

Should death occur away from home, a case manager will make all the arrangements in the event of death. Repatriation is arranged when the deceased’s body is more than 100km from their place of residence, within South Africa.

Reality Programme.

Reality offers a lifestyle and wellness programme for Essential Group clients called Essence, and aim to:

  • Save you time and money on lifestyle purchases.
  • Rewards you for healthy behaviour.
  • Provides you access 24/7.

Reality Benefits Include:

  • R30 for two 2D movies at Nu Metro cinemas - Easy SMS code system & redeem your movie ticket, saving of R70!
  • 2 DVD’s via SAPO for R99
  • 15% off on any Virgin Active contract
  • 20% off on any Planet Fitness contract
  • 10% discount from Preggi Bellies
  • Discounts at Pick n Pay clinics
  • Discounts with Reality partners as per Reality website (


Now you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of in every aspect.


Cover Amount Premium A Premium B
R 3 000 R 107 R 60
R 5 000 R 139 R 93
R 15 000 R 310 R 210
R 18 000 R 353 R 268
Plan A:
  • For Essential Life Funeral Cover 66 - 74, 75 - 85, 86 - 90 includes the following benefits: Emergency Medical Services, Legal Assist, Funeral Assistance, Repatriation of Mortal Remains and the Reality Programme
Plan B:
  • Excludes all additional benefits listed under Plan A and is a risk based funeral cover only.
  • Please refer to our brochures for a complete overview of these fantastic benefits included under the Plan A option.